Hurray! Cube Droid is live and ready to save the Galaxy! After a couple of weeks of testing and looking for a sponsor, I can finally show you the result of our blood, sweat and tears.

We strived to creating a game for all ages that might sometimes require some serious head scratching, but always in a fun way and never too complicated. I'm quite confident that we achieved that goal. Now let's see if YOU can save the Galaxy!

Play Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy here

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Finally finishing up the last bits of our upcoming puzzle game Cube Droid saves the Galaxy today. Just waiting for Fran to get rid of his flu and finish the music loops and away we go! Expect to see our latest game on within the next couple of days - if you are a sponsor, feel free to contact me directly though :-)

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We've been working hard these last weeks at DevilishGames on a new Flash puzzle game - Finally the finish line is in sight, that is, for the code and graphics part of the game...

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Tag Attack has been released today on the games portal MoFunZone. You can win nine different achievements, one of which is beating my personal top score. Good luck with that! :-)

Play Tag Attack on Mofunzone

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Welcome to my site/blog/show-off place! Last year has been crazy, I've participated in so many games that some have already started to fade from memory. I desperately needed a home for them where they can live happily together for years to come. Nothing social or fancy, just an easy accessible way to show my friends and potential sponsors ( yay, l love you guys! ) what I'm working on as well as keeping a record for myself in a more attractive way than a spreadsheet.

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