Welcome to my site/blog/show-off place! Last year has been crazy, I've participated in so many games that some have already started to fade from memory. I desperately needed a home for them where they can live happily together for years to come. Nothing social or fancy, just an easy accessible way to show my friends and potential sponsors ( yay, l love you guys! ) what I'm working on as well as keeping a record for myself in a more attractive way than a spreadsheet.

Although this should be considered a personal space, a lot of attention will go to Devilishgames, a Spanish game development group with great artists and coders, which I'm proud to be part of. These are the guys I spend most of the time working with and without a doubt will be featured frequently here.

So basically you'll see my latest work appearing here and then maybe some updates on current projects or tech industry related gibberish - If that's too boring for you, check out the games on the portfolio page.

Finally a big thanks to my mate Joaquin who build this awesome website for me. If you need a personal or commercial web, drop him a message at info[at]hazmiweb.com or have a look at his website www.hazmiweb.com ( spanish )