"Cube Droid saves the Galaxy" has been out in the wild for a couple of months now and, as this has been one a modest indie success, here's a list of goodies that Cube fans might enjoy ( which is you, I hope! ).

First of all, go play "Cube Doid saves the Galaxy" ( if you haven't done so yet )

Now, on with the goodies:

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Gently swipe your finger over the screen of your Playbook to wipe out the enemy forces and enjoy the colourful explosions. For the first couple of levels, that is. Soon it becomes a frantic battle against an unknown enemy in an unknown universe for an unknown cause. That's the arcade way - you don't get to ask questions.

Fireworks, moody music and starry galaxies, honestly, this game has it all. Go have a look at the App World, only $0,99 for this awesome game. We must be crazy!

Tag Attack on the App World

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RIM's first adventure outside their comfy zone, the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, looks to be a promising contender on the tablet market. With its 7" screen, dual core 1 Ghz processor and a gig of memory it can definitely hold it's own, but the support for various standard web technologies, especially Flash for me, could make this gadget a real winner as a gaming platform.

Devilishgames will be there when the PlayBook officially launches next week with two of our games in the App World at $0.99 each: "Chute Academy" and "Run Run Hamster"

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Today Devilishgames released a small advergame we made for the Famosa toy factory. The game targets young children ( girls mostly ) to get them to know the new range of mini-dolls called "Chic-i Girls Vamprincesas" ( Vamprincesas is a crossing between the Spanish words for princesses and vampire-girls ). These little princesses can be turned into vampires by turning their heads around. We adapted this mecanism for the game by allowing the player to choose sides in a global vampire vs. princesses ranking and quest to change the dolls in the game to "your" side. No individual high-scoring for this game, all your points go to the global ranking.

Use "jugar" to play, then choose a vampire or a princess and click "empezar" to start.

Play "Chic-i Girls Vamprincesas"

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Today a first time release on the Spil Network for me! Have a look at "Run Run Hamster", a cheerful little game with bright graphics and ever-so simple game play ( mouse button only ). This game is focused mainly at younger players and those that just enjoy anything hamster related. Run like crazy to find your lost love and pick up lots of sunflower pips along the way.

Play "Run Run Hamster" on AGame

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