"Cube Droid saves the Galaxy" has been out in the wild for a couple of months now and, as this has been one a modest indie success, here's a list of goodies that Cube fans might enjoy ( which is you, I hope! ).

First of all, go play "Cube Doid saves the Galaxy" ( if you haven't done so yet )

Now, on with the goodies:

In the beginning there was just a vague idea to make a game slightly based on the Eggerland ( Adventures of Lolo ) series. Then, after making this silly drawing ( in Spanish ) things fell into place and we started working. Looking back, the basic idea hardly changed during the months of development, which is quite unusual around here :-)


Here's a big map of all the levels, click to see it full size:



Fran Ferriz made the music score for the game and there's been a lot of people asking for it. Here you go, all MP3's in a comfortable ZIP format! It's for "listening purposes" only, so please don't use it commercially.



David created this awesome 3D model. Just print, cut, fold and glue to enjoy the protection of your own personal Cube Droid. It's been said to keep spiders away from your home.



Other people joined in to have fun with the Cube Droid universe as well:

  • Surprised and happy to see Red1504 made his own ( ours is here and here ) walkthrough of the game and posted the whole thing to YouTube. Impressive work there! Youtube Link
  • Arcade PreHacks posted a cracked version of the game with all levels unlocked. We will see them in court! :-) Here's the link
  • Still work in progress, but Zachary Tuller is making a port for the TI 83+/84+ series of graphing calculators. He must surely be Cube Droid's biggest fan because that looks to be a daunting task, to say the least. Follow his progress here

Let's end with a short summary of how the game did on the three mayor portals ( values as I'm writing this ):

portal plays score
Armorgames 525,248 7.7 / 10
Kongregate 90,277 3.92 / 5
Newgrounds 62,505 4.17 / 5

It got a "daily 3th" on Newgrounds and was frontpaged on Kongregate. With around 700.000 plays just on the three mayor portals, I think it's safe to assume we've reached close to a million plays, which for us is a huge motivation to make time for a part 2!

Thanks to all the feedback, we've got quite a list of improvements we want to make to the second installment. As well as a whole bunch of exiting new ideas of our own to make the Cube Droid puzzles even more fun.

More to come soon( -ish )!


update, January 2012: We got third place for best puzzle game of 2011 on Jayisgames! Hurray for Cube Droid! http://jayisgames.com/best-of/2011/puzzle-results/