We at Devilishgames just released a new game for the Famosa toy factory. Our favourite development tool still remains Flash, even with half of the industry desperately trying to declare it dead and gone.

I made a quick snapshot last week while working on this new Nancy game to show you how easily Flash lets me compile to web, android and iOS. Which is great, because that's exactly what the customer needed.



So here you have it, one code base and running ( beautifully, thanks to Starling ) on any mainstream device.

Play on the web

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Today we released a Texas Hold 'em Poker game on the Spanish social network Tuenti. Go have a look at it here:


( You need a free Tuenti account AND be over 18 years old to be able to play )

Here's a quick video grab, if you don't want to register for an account:

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Another result of the cooperation with DifferenceGames is the release of "5 Similarities" for the Nook and the Kindle. We completely reprogrammed the game using Stage3D so it would work on tablets.

Go have a look!

5 Similarities: Kindle FireNOOK Tablet

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We've been working with DifferenceGames over the last couple of weeks to get three of our classic titles out on the Amazon and Barnes&Noble app-stores for their tablet devices. If you want to give them a spin, they can be yours for the symbolic price of 99¢ each. Here's the direct links to each of them:

Chute Academy: Kindle Fire - NOOK Tablet
Run Run Hamster: Kindle Fire - NOOK Tablet
Tag Attack: Kindle Fire - NOOK Tablet

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It had warned me a couple of times over the last months already, but finally last week, my old development pc refused to boot permanently. Back before client contracts and deadlines, I would had gladly spent a weekend trying to figure out which exact part was failing, but risking to waste a weekend only to find out my dated computer couldn't be fixed any more and *then* spending another weekend to get a new one up and running is just too risky now.

Here's a quick overview of the hurdles and joys of moving pc. Maybe it serves someone who is about to do the same...

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