Hurray! Cube Droid is live and ready to save the Galaxy! After a couple of weeks of testing and looking for a sponsor, I can finally show you the result of our blood, sweat and tears.

We strived to creating a game for all ages that might sometimes require some serious head scratching, but always in a fun way and never too complicated. I'm quite confident that we achieved that goal. Now let's see if YOU can save the Galaxy!

Play Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy here

I would like to give a big thanks to all the great sponsors who placed such generous bids on FlashGameLicense these last weeks. And a special thanks goes out to Armor Games for having confidence in the success of our game - cheers Daniel!

Making games *we* like and then finding out that so many sponsors are enjoying them as well makes me confident that we're working in the right direction here at Devilishgames and the many hours of work spent on graphics, music, levels, game engines, up to the smallest details are not wasted time.

Back with more new games soon!