Tag Attack has been released today on the games portal MoFunZone. You can win nine different achievements, one of which is beating my personal top score. Good luck with that! :-)

Play Tag Attack on Mofunzone

This little game started out as a "normal" Space Invader / Galaga style prototype. As I do often ( because I'm easily distracted ) I started adding unnecessary stuff, a homing-missile in this case, and a testing system as well so I could use the mouse to set the target for the missile. This testing system turned out to be much more fun than the actual game play with the keyboard - A stroke of luck, that made this quite an original little game.

There's 20 different types of waves, which means until after level 10 the player will encounter new targets. Although it won't be easy to get there; The first couple of levels are quite easy to get the player into the game, but after that the game picks up pace and becomes quite frantic which should keep the hardcore players entertained for a couple of minutes.