I recently purchased a Moonsound cartridge for my MSX but noticed it's not always easy to find demo disks that work with it. So I'll be listing a bunch of them here even though they can be found elsewhere. Hopefully this will make them more visible.

Please, let me know on twitter @bitsofbas if there's something wrong or if you've got one that I don't have! I'll be adding more as I find them.

Coral 1&2

Dutch Moonsound Vetarans 1, 2 & 3



Meits' Best Noises - The Final Chapter

Jungle Symphonies

Disk Strategies II


100% Music

Techno Trance

Moon Sounds

Happy 10th Birthday Soepfiskje

Find It Replayer ( Metal Gear Solid Edition )

Avalon OST

Also check out Meits' download page on his website ( search for Moonsound! )