Another result of the cooperation with DifferenceGames is the release of "5 Similarities" for the Nook and the Kindle. We completely reprogrammed the game using Stage3D so it would work on tablets.

Go have a look!

5 Similarities: Kindle FireNOOK Tablet

The original web version of "5 Similarities" didn't perform very well on tablet hardware, so this was a nice opportunity to dip into the world of Stage3D and see how it performs. I've chosen the Starling framework for this project because of the nice and clean documentation and the great community on the forums. The target was to spent only a couple of days on the port because of the strong hit/miss factor for mobile gaming. 

Indeed, before long, the game was running on Stage3D and performance was *noticeably* better on each of the tablets compared to the native flash version. It even runs decent on an iPad1, although you can tell it's struggling. Even though Starling is very fast, I believe there's still lots of space for improving performance and I'm sure we're going to be able to release some very exiting Flash games in the near future.

Update 1: We needed a quick and reliable solution for our hall of fame. Scoreiod looked like the perfect ( free! ) solution and I was happily surprised with the easy to implementation; No crappy API !! Just sending some url variables in a POST and their server returns an XML with the results. Working great for now, I hope they keep it up.

Update 2: Starling 1.1 is out and the iPad is not struggling anymore. The game runs great now! Maybe we'll push it out on the app store in the near future. Really all that has to be done is make the game 4:3 format.