We've been working with DifferenceGames over the last couple of weeks to get three of our classic titles out on the Amazon and Barnes&Noble app-stores for their tablet devices. If you want to give them a spin, they can be yours for the symbolic price of 99¢ each. Here's the direct links to each of them:

Chute Academy: Kindle Fire - NOOK Tablet
Run Run Hamster: Kindle Fire - NOOK Tablet
Tag Attack: Kindle Fire - NOOK Tablet

We've already released these games last year to the Playbook, so we have some tablet porting experience. And to make things even better, DifferenceGames provided us with a nice wrapper API that allowed us to be lazy and skip the Nook and Kindle technical requirements and dive straight in to the actual game conversion. Even so, it was a bit tricky because of the different aspect ratio of the tablets vs the original 4:3 format of our games, also mouse control to touch control conversion needed some workarounds here and there. 

Sales are doing pretty nice. Maybe not nice enough to support 100% tablet developments, we still need the sponsorships, but it looks to be worth at least the time invested in "porting" the games.