About me

basLovely, a whole page about ME. So this is where I tell you about me being from the Netherlands, but living since y2k in Spain. How I grew up with the Sinclair Spectrum, the MSX and the Commodore Amiga home computers.

My professional life started of with some, let's call them "odd", career moves. But in the end I got adopted by a nice company where I worked as a sysadmin for NT systems ( MCSE certified and all ) and from there on started to pick up my old programming hobby again. Things had changed drastically between coding the Z80 on the MSX and the first releases of Visual Studio.

After moving to Spain and working crappy jobs for a couple of years ( such as installation, sales, repair and application development ), a small gaming studio called Devilishgames crossed my path and for several years I coded a whole bunch of games in Flash Actionscript with them. It was the most fun I ever had! Until it wasn't anymore and I moved on to other endeavours.

Currently I'm teamed up with a US based group of people making so-called Hidden Object games. We're serving an amazing audience of older players who are thankful and appreciative of what we do.

Don't believe that all my days are a party, as the photo above might suggest, but being able to get daily satisfaction from the work that makes me a living, is still an absolute joy to me after all these years and I'm grateful every day.

More recently I'm back to coding for the computer systems of my childhood in my spare time. Early tech gives a deeper understanding and appreciation of what has changed over the last 30 years.

If you want to say hi, please drop me a message at info@bitsofbas.com. Or keep updated by following me on twitter where I mostly post about retro stuff: twitter.com/bitsofbas